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Where are your Order Distribution Regions?

We have distribution throughout Istanbul as far as Kartal on the Anatolian side and Bahçeşehir on the European side. For border regions, you need to get approval for shipping with open address.

What time and how do the meals arrive?

After your online order, we inform you about the delivery time of our courier team, depending on your address, and we deliver to your address between 06:00-09:30 in the morning. Our meals are delivered to your address at once, whether as 3 meals or 2 snacks, 2 or 1 meal depending on the package selection.

What should I do when I won’t be at my address?

Travel, business trips etc. In cases where you will not be at your address due to circumstances, you can postpone your order from the habit application, whose information is sent by e-mail at least 72 hours before your order. Thus, your packages will not arrive at your address on the dates you specify and will be added to the end of your package. You have the chance to postpone your packages for 3 months until the day you buy them. You can postpone it later, but the number of postponed days will decrease according to the current prices.

Where can I forward a question/request/complaint about packages?

You can always forward such questions to [email protected]

Do you ship on public holidays?

We do not ship on public holidays. Your meals that do not arrive on these dates are added to the end of your package.

How many meals are in the 1-month or 4-week package?

As Habit, we only ship on weekdays or weekends, depending on the package you choose. Therefore, a monthly package has 20-22 daily shipments on weekdays, and 30 shipments in packages including weekends. Please take this into account when calculating your package expiry date.

Does bad weather affect shipping?

In cases such as natural disasters, heavy snowfalls, floods, we deliver by vehicle in cases where our motorized distribution personnel cannot reach you or in cases where there is life-threatening danger.

Can I change the package to the address I want whenever I want?

Our bikers work in a very tight route order. A desired time or address change in the distribution address may delay the distribution of other packages or even make it impossible. However, as a habit, we grant this right to our customers once a month, provided that they notify the new address or time 3 days in advance.

You can learn quickly by browsing the Frequently Asked Questions page for the questions you have in mind.