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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Order Distribution Regions?

We have distribution throughout Istanbul as far as Kartal on the Anatolian side and Bahçeşehir on the European side. For border regions, you need to get approval for shipping with open address.

What Time Do Meals Arrive?

After your online order, we inform you about the delivery time of our courier team, depending on your address, and we deliver to your address between 06:00-09:30 in the morning.

How do the meals come?

Our meals are delivered to your address at once, with 3 meals and snacks depending on the package you choose.

Where should I store the food?

We recommend that you store your meals in a refrigerator at +4 degrees as soon as you receive them. If you need to take the food with you (in the car, etc.) in hot weather, we recommend putting an ice pack in the bag.

How should I heat the food?

In Habit menus, products prepared with foods that are natural and healthy, do not increase blood sugar and have a low glycemic index are used. The acidity of foods that are heated in the microwave or at very high temperatures increases. Although the packaging used by Habit has the highest standard in terms of food safety and is microwave safe, our recommendation is to heat the dishes separately in the oven at a maximum of 60 degrees for about 20 minutes. In addition, in habit menus, many fish and meat are cooked at 55-60 degrees using a sous vide method, very slowly, without losing their nutritional value. Microwave or high temperature heating causes the dishes to lose their properties in terms of both taste and nutritional value. However, since our containers are suitable for microwave use, if you have no other choice and want to consume hot, you can heat them in the microwave.

Meat seems undercooked to me, what should I do?

Meat and fish are cooked moderately in order not to lose their taste and nutritional value too much. When your heating allowance is taken into account, this is usually medium-well done. But if that still seems too little to you, you can heat them a little bit more at a slightly higher temperature to ensure they are well done.

In what order should I eat the meals?

Meals are generally placed in the package that comes to you with the first meal to be eaten at the top, and you can see which meal is in which meal in the menu sent by e-mail. You can consume snacks at any time of the day according to your own needs and schedule. If you do not have time to make snacks, you can consume snacks right after the main meals.

I am very hungry, what should I do?

As we mentioned above, products prepared with foods that do not raise blood sugar as much as possible are used in Habit menus. Our aim is not to make you lose weight temporarily, but to gain nutritional habits. Unfortunately, since some foods (gluten, yeast, lactose, sugar, additives) that the industrial world has imposed on us create a kind of addiction in us, habit menus may cause you to fall into the mistake of feeling hungry at first. This usually decreases in the first week and disappears by the end of the second week. By eating much less, you realize that you are full because your cells get all they need and start sending satiety signals to the brain. For this reason, at first, you should definitely encourage yourself by saying ‘I don’t need more’. This habit is one of the secrets that will ensure you have a healthy and fit body throughout your life. Also, the first hunger you feel is always thirst. When you first feel hungry, drink a large glass of water and a cup of herbal tea on top of it. You will see your hunger disappear. It is also very important that you eat slowly and chew your food well. Make sure you chew each bite 25 times.

The portions of the meals are too much, what should I do?

The menus created in Habit are designed to feed your cells and activate your hormones. When the body receives the necessary nutrients for you, it sends a satiety signal to the brain. Therefore, please do not forcefully eat the portions that are too much for you. Stop eating as soon as you feel full.

Why do you chop vegetables and fruits coarsely?

The finer the vegetables and fruits are cut, the more they oxidize and lose their nutritional value. For this reason, we usually give the fruits whole and chop the vegetables coarsely.

Why don’t you peel the skins of vegetables and fruits?

Because the most useful parts of it are the peels:) The skins of fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. In addition, the peels contain enzymes necessary for the body to use many vitamins in the inner part of the fruit. For this reason, we usually do not peel the skins of fruits and vegetables.

The dishes are not very compatible with each other… For example, there is a salad next to the spinach, couldn’t you put yoghurt?

It is these kinds of wrong habits that unfortunately lead us to diseases or make us feel weak… All meals prepared in Habit menus are designed to complement each other as much as possible in terms of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. A small note: Foods rich in iron, especially leafy greens such as spinach, should not be consumed with dairy products, as they reduce iron absorption.

How often should I be weighed?

The scale can often be misleading in reflecting the correct body composition. For example, if you gained 1 kg of muscle and lost 1 kg of fat in the same week, it will appear as if you have not lost any weight on this scale. However, this result will be reflected to you as a physical image. That’s why don’t get hung up on the number on the scale and weigh yourself every day. Weigh yourself every Monday morning and Saturday morning on an empty stomach, on the same floor and in the same clothing, just to see how it goes. Some pharmacies offer free fat-muscle measurements. You can have this measurement done twice a month at the same pharmacy, under the same conditions (same time of day, same clothes and same hunger). If our customers wish to purchase our 4 – 8 – 12-week standard or personalized packages, we can measure their fat-muscle-weight at the Habit office in Seyrantepe, free of charge, before starting the package and once every 4 weeks.

How much should I exercise?

Our aim at Habit is to give you a lifelong nutrition and exercise habit. For this reason, we recommend exercises that will work your whole body 2 or 3 days a week. The purpose of sports should not be to burn more calories, but to strengthen muscles, cardiovascular health and posture. Remember, the more you exercise, the hungrier you get.

What if I don’t stick to my packages?

The effectiveness of Habit packs depends on sticking to the pack, especially in order to get rid of gluten and blood sugar-raising carbohydrate addiction. Ideally, you should not eat anything other than the Habit package.

What should I do when I travel or will not be at my address?

Travel, business trips etc. In cases where you will not be at your address due to circumstances, you can automatically postpone the Habit mobile application by selecting the dates that you will not be at your address until at least 2 days before 10:00 due to production planning. Thus, your packages will not arrive at your address on the dates you specify and will be added to the end of your package. You have the chance to postpone your packages for 6 months.

Do you ship on public holidays?

We do not ship on public holidays. Your meals that do not arrive on these dates are added to the end of your package. In case of changes, you will be informed beforehand.

Can I cancel for any reason before my package expires? How am I charged?

You can cancel the remaining days before your package runs out. Since there are special discounted daily prices in long-term packages, the prices used for the days used in case of cancellation will be calculated from the prices specified on our page, and this calculated amount will be deducted from the amount you have paid and returned to you within 30 days.

Example 15 when you buy the 30-day classic package for 3800TL. If you cancel one day, 15 days X Daily 150 TL (the classic package daily fee specified on the page) is 2.250 TL in total, and 3.800 TL -2.250 TL = 1550 TL will be refunded.

How many meals are in the 1-month or 4-week package?

In cases such as natural disasters, heavy snowfalls, floods, we deliver by vehicle in cases where our motorized distribution personnel cannot reach you or in cases where there is life-threatening danger.

Can I change the package to the address I want whenever I want?

Our bikers work in a very tight route order. A desired time or address change in the distribution address may delay the distribution of other packages or even make it impossible. However, we grant our customers the right to change their address from the habit mobile application until 12:00 the day before the package distribution.

Where can I forward a question/request/complaint about packages?

You can always forward such questions to [email protected]