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With natural materials, whether for the purpose of natural nutrition, morning-lunch-evening and snacks, or single or 2 meals (lunch-evening, morning-lunch, morning-evening) to your home or workplace throughout Istanbul 7 days a week or upon request. These are our nutrition packages that we send only on weekdays or only on weekends or on certain days of the week.

If you choose Habit classic nutrition packages, you will be able to benefit from the following services. At the beginning of the package, our dietitian will talk to you on the phone and give you information about the package. You will fill your body with refined sugar-free, gluten-free, natural foods by eating Habit meals consisting of 3 meals and snacks that come to your address daily on weekdays and weekends.

Habit foods do not contain gluten. In addition to the fact that there is no frying product in our dishes, only organic extra virgin olive oil is added in the required amount in most of our dishes, not during cooking, but after cooking.

Standard packages are also ideal for those who cannot prepare natural, additive-free foods during their work pace or other pursuits, and they are nutrition packages that can be applied continuously or occasionally by anyone who does not have any health problems by eating refined sugar-free, gluten-free.