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Special Programs for Institutions

Wrong diet and exercise habits lie behind our being more obese, less energetic, sleepier, sicker, more unhappy and more depressed.

  • We can’t sleep at night, we can’t wake up in the morning. We can’t take the stairs.
  • We need a snack every 2.5 hours.
  • We are constantly dieting, but gaining more weight.
  • We get angry very quickly.
  • We cannot tolerate anything.
  • Sometimes our brain doesn’t take anything.
  • At 4 o’clock we have sweet cravings.
  • When he eats sweets, he falls asleep.
  • We want to escape from the office.
  • We go home, we snack in front of the TV.
  • Our stomach hurts. We sleep hard.
  • We beg for 10 more minutes of sleep when the alarm goes off in the morning.

These are symptoms experienced by many white-collar workers around the world, negatively affecting their performance.

So what’s the solution?

  • proper nutrition
  • right exercise
  • Excellent gut health
  • And happier and more productive employees. well;


Ilker Caglayan

Personal Trainer, Fitness, Yoga Instructor, Chef

Habit Founder

What can we do?

Workshops on different subjects at different locations once a month or once every 2 months:

İlker Çağlayan and Uzm. Dr. Workshops to be given by Süleyman Kentli. From 10 to 250 people can participate. The workshop can be broadcast live on Youtube for all company employees.

Convenient healthy cooking and culinary training workshops:

It is a very interesting and educational workshop that covers topics such as healthy recipes, cooking methods, raw food, flourless sugar-free snack recipes, things to be found in the refrigerator, and culinary training to be shown practically to a maximum of 10 people in a kitchen.

Weekly newsletters:

Preparation of newsletters to be sent to all employees every week on many questions such as habits, foods that are curious about, benefits of some foods, methods of burning fat.

Special videos for company employees:

Informative videos on topics such as nutrition, exercise in the office, nutrition in the office, snacks to be shot specifically for your company every week.

Weekly nutrition lists:

Weekly menus and recipes for those who don’t know how to feed. It can also be sent by mail.

A different workout each month:

1 activity per month with company employees (headquarters).
Suitable for yoga, functional training, running, walking, etc.

Exchange program in 3 weeks:

A private challenge that will last for 3 weeks with a closed Instagram group to be created for your company’s 20 employees.


In the 3-week special program we realized with Borusan: 20 Borusan employees were selected.
Although most of them were not overweight, the entire group had the need for snacks, fear of being hungry, sweet cravings, and indigestion and migraine problems.

Fat and muscle measurements were made at the first meeting . In a workshop, mistakes in current eating habits were explained and new nutrition lists were given.

From the 2nd day, a Whatsapp group was established and everyone shared the images of the food they ate, their experiences, experiences and feelings through this group. Habit dietitians gave the necessary guidance to the group.

At the end of the first week, a sports program was held in the Belgrad Forest with the participants. They learned a new form of exercise that they could practice with their own body weight for a lifetime.

At the end of the 3rd week, all participants got rid of their excess fat, their hunger crisis ended,
Most of them reported that their digestion, sleep problems were gone, and they felt much more energetic and satiated by eating much less food.