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Let Natural Food Come to Your Address with Habit


7 years with you…

Realize your transformation with our gluten-free, additive-free, organic and very delicious meals.

Change your eating habits with our trainings. Contribute to your body, mind and spirit integrity.

gluten free

Refined Sugar Free


Trans Fat Free

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Chicken

Organic Egg

Protein + Fiber

Customer comments

Can Uzel

“Before I started Habit, I had a very sedentary life and ate fast food almost every day of the week. We started a personalized package with İlker Çağlayan and a runner came out of an inactive person like me. I lost 8 kilos with Habit meals and currently at least a week “I’ve been running for 4 days. It’s been almost 10 months since I stopped buying Habit packs, but I still haven’t gained any weight. Thanks to Habit, I gained a new eating and sports habit, and I stay in shape by taking getaways from time to time.”

Gamze Colak Bayraktar

“After continuing the Habit standard package for 1 month, I lost 4 kilos. I seem to have lost a lot more weight in terms of body since all of this weight is from fat. Also, I don’t need to do sports for hours in the gym every day of the week to burn fat, 3-4 kilos a week with my own body weight. I learned that training for 30 minutes a day is enough. Now I can easily do these exercises wherever I go, on travels and holidays.”

Cagan Balaban

“Before I started the Habit standard package, I could not imagine that I could go through breakfast without eating bread. 2 hours after I ate, I would immediately get hungry and look for something to eat. Since I travel a lot due to my job, I would eat biscuits and wafers whatever I could find as a snack. “There has been an incredible reduction in my need for meals and I am very comfortable. Being hungry is no longer a problem for me and I know very well what to eat when I travel.”